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Improve statistics results for students, instructors, administrators ... everyone


This site provides infinite practice questions, an online searchable textbook, and video lectures for students using Excel or calculators. We automatically adjust the difficulty level to your ability. Unlike paper textbooks, we do not offer harder questions until you can answer the easy questions correctly. The course is self-paced. You can proceed through topics as quickly as you want. You can stay challenged. You do not have to fear statisics. You can have fun and do well using these materials. We have a High Score if you like to compete. If you want privacy, you can keep your results private by using a secret alias name for the High Score.

Your success is important to us. We have invested over 5,000 hours developing this web site to help students succeed in a difficult subject. We have an unprecedented success rate for students. There is some variance, but usually 90% of students pass statistics using these materials. In many colleges, the student pass rate is about 50%.

We price our product to give you outstanding value. Your small payment will help us continue to support, improve and expand this product while keeping the price of education materials within reach of most students.


We can help you help your students. We provide Powerpoint Slides for all topics. Our practice questions are generated uniquely for each student and graded automatically. You do not have to take a heavy bag of paper home to grade. Why not spend time with your family instead of grading homework? We include a test generator. You select the topics, level of difficulty, and how many questions you want, and the test generator creates a test and the answers in seconds. Why spend hours creating a test when you can create a test in minutes? If you don't like the text of the question, you can cut and paste the test generator questions to a Word document, alter our text, but use our data and answers to save time.

We provide professors with a dashboard that shows class progress by topic, or individual student progress. Why wait for the results of the first test to see who is struggling with the course? If the whole class is struggling to complete a particular topic, you can schedule a review the one difficult topic. If a student if falling behind, you can offer help before they fail the first test!


Improve results, lower costs, and attract more students. We repeatedly find that when students pass a difficult course the student survey results improve dramatically. We focus on helping students learn. Students learn more and this results in a higher pass rate. Students who are successful rate programs, professors, and schools higher in the standard educational surveys.

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Last updated:  January 1, 2018