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Questions and Answers

Q I forgot my Password. What do I do?
A In growingknowing.com, click Sign In on the upper right. Select "Forgot your password?" When the "Forgot password" screen appears, type your User ID, click Submit and your password will be emailed to you.

Q How do I contact you?
A growingknowing@gmail.com

Q How long after I contact you can I expect to see a reply?
A We reply to emails within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. We welcome your ideas and input.

Q How am I supposed to use this web site?
A Select the "How To" tab above for site instructions.

Q How do I use the information in the "Statistics" tab?
A Read "Rules of the Road" to get started. Then read "Calculators" or "Excel Setup".

For instructions on the use of this web site, select the "How To" tab above.

For more site help, contact us at:  growingknowing@gmail.com.

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